Poultry  with  a  purpose    

WELCOME TO The Country Hatch
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Geese talking gently with their friends under a huge maple tree...   Ducks splashing happily in an old cement cattle tank...  Turkeys come running to greet neighbors...   ​Grandma's "peeps" scratch busily with excited chirps of discovery...

Life on a real Iowa farm-  We live well.

Winter version: Birds snuggled together in deep bedding, wind chill of -15 degrees and 6 inches of snow expected, breaking ice, bucketing water.  Warm thoughts of spring!

   Mark & Kristin Christianson                                                                                 319-231-6340
   10545 Grove Ave                                                                            
   Riceville, IA  50466

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SPECIALS BOX:       Not much hatching right now


Shipped hatching egg qualifier!  I cannot guarantee hatchability.  Shipping is hard on the tiny embryo in the egg so the hatching eggs may not develop.  My fertility is running at 90% with about 80% live hatchlings on my weekly hatch.  A 50% hatch rate on shipped eggs is considered a very good hatch.  I have no control over how the eggs are handled en route or individual's incubation equipment or skills.  If you want a guarantee, order hatchlings.